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According to a 2002 New York Times survey 81% of people want to write a book. They feel like "they have a book inside them."

A follow up report indicated that 95% will never write it.



Is it because, suddenly, they don't want to write the book? Have they somehow "lost" the story they had within them?

I don't think so.


I think it's because they quickly learn what the other 5% already know...

Writing is hard work

Even if you have a deep and genuine desire to share your stories, knowledge or experiences, the act of writing can throw up all kinds of challenges. These obstacles can take a variety of forms.


You might feel you don't have enough:

  • Confidence

  • Discipline

  • Committment

  • Focus

  • Time and/or Space to write

  • Freedom from Creative Blocks

  • Motivation


--to see a project through.


Often it's a combination of some or all of these feelings.  When you sit down to write it's a struggle. It's not the inspired, effortless self-expression you imagined. You might feel that you lack the talent or tenacity to complete the task or the confidence to know where or how to begin. An internal critic starts talking and whatever creative flow you had disappears. You feel pretentious, like an imposter. 

Well, let's put a stop to all that.

Discover Your Write Mind

I've created a program designed to get you into your Write Mind-- a mind set, a system of productive routines, healthy habits and mental tools that will help you write that book-- finish that screenplay -- start that novel.

Best of all, it's available at no risk to you. 


By the end of this program you will:

  • Be writing every day

  • Have the confidence to know that you can tackle this-- or any other task

  • Be focused, committed and determined to complete your project

  • Have a plan and a deadline for finishing your project

  • Have developed great writing habits that will also serve you in other areas of your life

  • Have tools that will motivate and inspire you when Real Life conspires to get in your way

  • Learn an exercise that will endlessly generate story ideas

  • Have access to accountability tools to see you over the rough patches

  • Enjoy a community of people pursuing the same goals

  • Relax knowing that you have a clear idea about what you have to do next

Come on, you've got to admit that would be amazing... and I'll even tell you how you're going to do it... but first here are some comments from writers who have found their Write Mind.

The Big Secret

This program began with a question: Can hypnosis make you a better writer? I asked six professional writers from across Canada if they'd be willing to go through four weeks of hour-long sessions with me to see what effect hypnosis would have on their writing and lives. The sessions evolved over those weeks to include coaching, deep discussions, accountability, guided meditation and motivational pep-talks.

They all saw measurable improvement in their productivity and writing routines. Some saw improvements in other areas of their lives as well.

Please watch the LIVESTREAM video below where we discussed their experiences through out the process.

Although each of them was dealing with their own challenges the number one thing that was standing in the way of their goals, of finishing the project, of them feeling more confident, committed, disciplined and creative could be expressed in PAGES PER DAY.

You want to become a better writer... you have to write more.

You want to write faster... you have to write more.

You want to develop great creativity and productive habits... you've got to write more.

You want to write that great novel, screenplay, book of poems... you have to write them: ONE PAGE AT A TIME.

This is the secret to Your Write Mind. We (you and I working together) remove everything standing in the way of your pages per day.

If writing effortlessly, confidently and prolifically ON A DAILY BASIS is not a challenge for you congratulations, this program is not for you.


For the rest of us the good news is that there are steps we can take to increase our confidence, our productivity, our creativity and create great writing habits that will sustain us over the marathon that is completing a novel, screenplay, pilot, whatever!

Who I am

My name is Dave Moses, I'm a writer, producer, and hypnotist among other things.


Here's my IMDB page so you can check my bona fides.


I've worked in scripted and unscripted, half-hour, hour-long formats.  Like you I'm obsessed with story-telling in all its forms. I've resisted talking or teaching about writing mostly because I feel that most of us who are serious about our craft already know everything we need to know about writing well: don't we? We know about set-ups and pay-offs, avoiding cliches, the fun of reversals, how plot is character, that writing authentic dialogue is important and we should always come in late and leaving early. We just need to write that up!


I find a lot of workshops (with notable exceptions) are an excuse writers give themselves not to write.  


I write most productively when I'm well-motivated, I have a deadline, my project is foremost in my thoughts and there's some kind of accountability involved. That's when flow happens and that's what I want you to experience.


...and who you are

Image by Kaitlyn Baker

Heading 3

You are someone who is very serious about your work. You've had some success in the past and you want more.


You've realized that with every year/month/week/day that passes you've lost that opportunity to tell another story.


Time is finite and you've wasted enough of it.  You want to increase your productivity and have some idea about what might be holding you back or why you're not creating as much as you like.  


You understand there are changes to be made.


You realize this is going to take some effort of your part-- and that doesn't phase you a bit.

In January 2020 I started DAVEMOSESHYPNOSIS and began a project with 6 writers across Canada, to see the effect that hypnosis would have on their work and their lives. I spent four months in weekly one-on-one sessions to address the biggest challenges they faced as writers: confidence, commitment, discipline and motivation. When it was over I hosted a one hour Q&A LiveStream where they talked about their experiences and the effect it continues to have on their work. 


When you sign up for Your Write Mind your job will be to write (at least) a page a day. My job will be to make that as easy as possible for you. I do it by having conversations, sharing experiences, clarifying goals, setting deadlines and yes, using some hypnosis.

Why hypnosis?


It's because I think hypnosis is ideally suited to resolve and remove the issues that stand in the way of letting writers write! Hypnosis clears the mind and sets the resolve. It allows creatives to access imagination effortlessly, get them into "flow state" more easily. It provides practical tools to create and maintain motivation. Plus it offers the extra benefit of having a positive effect on all other areas of your life too. Great bonus!

But here's what hypnosis can't do-- what no workshop, seminar, lecture or inspiring talk can do either-- it can't sit at your desk and write that manuscript for you.


You've got to do that yourself-- hypnosis just makes it easier.


Okay... so I hope, by this point, you're intrigued and curious about what exactly you're getting yourself in for. Here it is, the program consists of:


4 one-hour-long one-on-one Your Write Mind Sessions, at a time that is convenient for the both of us on a first-come, first booked basis.

The sessions will cover:

  • Productivity and Commitment

  • Creating and developing your own ideal writing room

  • Confidence and Authencity

  • Motivation and Goal-setting

  • The Myth and Reality of Writer's Block

  • Fear of Rejection and handling notes

There is also, as a bonus:

1 two-hour-long group workshop that gives tools to generate and shape countless stories and the means to apply it to your own work and life.

By the end of these five sessions you'll have:

  • A new relationship with writing

  • A clear vision for your project and a timeline to its completion

  • A variety of motivational techniques to keep you writing when life conspires to interrupt your flow

  • The ability to perform and use Self-hypnosis

  • Access to a Free Facebook Group that shares pertinent resources and accountability tools

And all of this is available for a one time payment of $499.00 


I make no outrageous promises. I will not pull 5-6 figure potential part-time earnings out of the air.  I cannot promise that you will become fabulously well-to-do from your income as a best-selling author. Nobody can. The only fantasies that I'm excited to support will be the ones you write, one-page-at-a-time until they're done and you start your next.

However, I realize this program might not be for everyone so:

If you register for the Your Write Mind program and, if after you've attended the first session, you decide that for whatever reason the program is not for you-- I'll give you a full refund. Period.

After that hour is over you're going to have a clear idea about what to expect from the next four sessions.

During the following week you will experience an increase in your confidence and your productivity. You'll find yourself writing more and thinking about your project in new and interesting ways.


If, however, at anytime before the next session, you decide not to continue with the program, for any reason, you can keep that change for FREE... and have your $499 course fee refunded. 


Image by hannah grace

Registration for Cohort#2 Closes June 22nd

So now's the moment of truth. You've got a project that you're passionate about sharing. You're tired of putting off your dreams and ambitions for another month... for another year. You're ready to get to work and put your head where your heart is.

Registration for Cohort#2 will be open from Tuesday June 22 until Friday June 25. you can register for a time that is convenient for you. You and I will meet for an hour each week for the following four weeks.  You will start building the routines, creating the habits, honing the skills-- and writing the pages-- that will allow you to do something you've always dreamed of doing.

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